About Us

We at Dare's Plants grow vegetable transplants and flowering plants for the garden. We pride ourselves on offering a great variety of vegetable plants that you can't find elsewhere. We grow tried and true varieties tested in our own farm fields. We offer advice to help you have a successful garden.

Dare's Plants has been family-owned and operated right here in Lumberton, NJ since 1982. We previously sold plants from our Cinnaminson farm, but we are now operating exclusively in Lumberton, New Jersey.

"Committed to helping our customers achieve success in the garden"

Granville Dare, Owner

Granville started growing tomatoes at 10 years old. His father took Gran's produce on his egg delivery route directly to satisfied customers. It encouraged Gran to pursue agriculture as a career. Gran began growing plants professionally when he started working for Campbell's Soup Company in 1974 as an Agricultural Research Technician. In his career at Campbell's he was promoted to Greenhouse Manager. In 1984, the Research Division of Campbell's was sold. Taking the wealth of knowledge he acquired at Campbell's, Granville seized the opportunity to open his own business full time. He has been happily working at Dare's Plants ever since.

Janice Dare, Co-owner 

Janice and Gran have been married since 1976. Janice started working for Dare's Plants in 1986. She uses her degree in Accounting to keep things running smoothly in the office and her love for plants to create beautiful combinations of flowers.